5 Best Soundbar for Roku TV in 2024

Soundbars have become an essential accessory for any modern TV setup, particularly for Roku TVs.

With technological advancements and the rise of streaming services, Roku TV has emerged as a popular option for people who love to watch television. Compared to traditional cable television, Roku TV offers more choices, including access to streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

However, despite technological advances, the audio quality of a Roku TV could be better. Their built-in speakers often leave much to be desired, leading to poor audio quality.

This issue of audio quality is where soundbars come in. A soundbar can be the perfect solution if you want better audio quality when watching movies, shows, or listening to music.

However, with the wide range of soundbars available, finding the right one for your Roku TV can take time and effort. To help make this process easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best soundbars for Roku TVs. In addition, we will provide a comprehensive guide to help you choose the suitable soundbar for your Roku TV in 2023.

5 Best Soundbars For Roku TV 2024

1. Roku Smart Soundbar

Last year, Roku launched a solid sound system, Roku smart soundbar. In its early days, Roku claimed the smart soundbar as the best soundbar for Roku TV. The design of the Roku smart soundbar is sleek and modern to complement the look of any lounge or bedroom.

 It is midsize and in the cheaper soundbar category than other models. At the back, it has a power cord spot, a reset button, a USB port, an HDMI connection, and a Bluetooth connection for wireless music streaming. 

Therefore, the Smart soundbar has multiple options to connect to the television. And yes, it also connects with an optical cable if your TV lacks HDMI or ARC options.

Unlike many soundbars available, Roku smart soundbar does not come with any control keys on the display or side of the soundbar; instead, it comes with a remote controller. 

The traditional Roku remote has power buttons on top and a volume button on the side. Further, the remote has a microphone key for voice search and four keys for Netflix, Hulu, Sling, and ESPN. 

Like the other Roku devices, this smart soundbar has an easy operating system and high-definition sound quality, providing a robust streaming experience. Roku smart soundbar has a much higher bass than any older version of Roku or other brands. 

The sound experience is worth mentioning; the battle scene boomed from the soundbar, with differing background music and characters’ voices. It is an excellent alternative to gaming headsets for PS5 or XBOX. 

2. Bose Smart Sound Bar 700

The best-performing gadget, Bose Smart Soundbar 700 has an ever-impressive sound quality and deep bass with easy-to-access software for smooth streaming.

Bose launched the Smart Soundbar 700 with built-in Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistance for innovative control of a smart TV. Without any remote controller, the Bose Voice4Video technology takes the game to a higher level.

It enhances Alexa’s capabilities for hands-free voice control of the soundbar and Smart TV. Bose smart soundbar 700 facilitates its user with wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay2, or Spotify. So you can play music, pause movies, and attend calls from anywhere.

The ADAPTiQ makes the product specs more easily adjustable, giving a better sound effect to the room by analyzing the distance, frequencies, and negative angles between your sweet spot on the couch and the TV wall.

The Bose smart soundbar 700 is lightweight and classy with the tempered glass top, and the winding around the metal grille in a black shade suits the setting of every lounge.

With this purchase, you get the Bose Smart sound bar 700, smart soundbar universal remote, batteries, power cord, HDMI cable, and optical cable.

This product is compatible with every Bose smart speaker, Bose subwoofer, and Bose Bluetooth speaker. It also works with different phones and televisions through Bluetooth, HDMI cable, optical cable, and ARC connectivity.

3. TCL Alto 9+ 3.1

This smart TCL Alto 9 +3.1 gives you more control over your music, movies, smartphones, tablets, and games than any other soundbar can, With wireless Google voice assistance, Bluetooth connectivity, and Apple Airplay2. 

The innovative RAY-DANZ technology creates an incredibly immersing and wide soundstage. TCl Alto brings in the Dolby Atmos technology, which gives a multidimensional experience with greater depth of sound and cinematic dynamics. 

The wireless subwoofers offer distortion-free voice and deep bass.

Make the most of your entertainment with the powerful sound system without compromising the dialogue clarity through the soundbar center channel, tuned for optimal clarity. Therefore, TCL Alto 9+3.1 is the best option for music streaming, Netflix, and movies.

This device has a soundbar, subwoofer, power cord, optical cable, HDMI cable, and remote control.

4. Alto 6+ 2.1 Channel Dolby Audio Sound Bar

The Ato 6 +2.1 channel Dolby Audio soundbar is a fantastic option for optical and Roku TV. The product offers a deep base and powerful subwoofers that bring the movie scene to life. Easy-to-adjust wireless subwoofers can be adjusted to produce groundbreaking bass.

Dolby digital enhances your lounge’s sound experience and is ready for Roku TV through its easy-to-access operating system. It is compatible with the Roku TV remote, And the wireless soundbar can connect to smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Alro 6 +2.1 claims to provide the favorite entertainment with unique sound modes for music, movies, and TV. The movie mode helps you listen to the dialogues precisely and feel the impact of explosions and action. 

Music mode enables one to listen to the vocals, bass, and instruments accurately. The TV mode distinguishes obnoxious sounds from speech and focuses on content without getting distracted by background noise. 

5. Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam soundbar gives an enriching sound that fills the room while watching TV, movies, music podcasts, video gaming, or audiobooks, all with the control of your voice through Google Voice assistance and built-in Alexa. 

Not only music but Alexa can play news, set alarms, and pick and make calls through Sonos Beam. Along with voice control, Sonos Beam is also operated through Android and iOS-supported Sonos app, remote, and touch, making it a multi-room experience.

The Beam is bright in looks and compatible with almost any TV at your home without blocking the TV screen. The handiest component of Sonos beam is the most straightforward setup route from unboxing to watching your first show; it will hardly take 5 minutes because of the efficient automatic remote detection. 

Sonos Beam provides Supreme sound quality when Sonos One SLs are added for surroundings and Sonos Sub for bass. Altogether it makes the time more enjoyable.

What to Look for When Choosing a Soundbar for Roku TV?

When buying a soundbar for your Roku TV, there are certain factors to consider before making an informed decision. The following guide will help you understand the features and specifications of soundbars to look for when buying one.

Compatibility – What connections do you need

The very first thing you need to do is to ensure that the soundbar is compatible with your Roku TV. You wouldn’t want to get home and find out your shiny new soundbar doesn’t connect properly.

Look at the audio output of your Roku TV and check if it matches the soundbar inputs you are interested in buying. Most Roku TVs have multiple audio output options, such as HDMI, optical audio, or RCA. In addition, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options are available in many models.

Yes, some soundbars specifically designed for Roku TV will work without any issue, such as TCL Alto 9+, TCL Alto 8i & 8+, TCL Alto 6 2.0 & 6+, and the list goes on. Check the soundbar’s specifications to ensure it supports the same audio output as your Roku TV, such as HDMI or optical audio.

On the other hand, some soundbars are designed specifically for certain TV brands, and using them with a different brand may lead to issues. For Roku TV, Roku itself offers soundbars like the Roku Streambar or Roku Smart Soundbar, which can seamlessly integrate with their TV models.

Placement & Soundbar Size

Where you place your soundbar is also important when choosing a soundbar for your TV. The placement can significantly impact the sound quality of your audio system.

The location depends on the size and shape of your TV room or living space. Generally, it’s ideal for placing the soundbar beneath or above your TV. Although if you have a TV stand or shelf that can accommodate your soundbar, you can place the soundbar there as well.

And talks about aesthetics; soundbars come in different shapes and sizes, so pick one that will fit perfectly with your TV setup. It is recommended to pick a soundbar that is the same width as your TV.

In addition, if the listening space/room is large or has an open floor plan, the soundbar with more speakers with a wider soundstage or additional speakers to fill the space adequately is recommended. Nowadays, some soundbars even come with additional satellite speakers and subwoofers options, which allows placing the speakers around the room for a fuller and wider soundstage.

Soundbar channels

When considering the channel of the soundbar, it is also important to understand what exactly channels mean and how they impact your audio experience.

The number of channels on a soundbar determines the number of speakers it has. And it plays a vital role in defining the level of sound quality. A higher number of speakers generally means better sound quality.

For example, a sound bar with 2, 3, or 4 channels can provide basic stereo sound for your home theater. A 5-channel sound bar offers a more immersive experience, with the left and right front, left and right rear surround sound, and center channel sound, which helps to deliver clearer dialogue and a more realistic audio experience.

The higher-end sound bars have up to 7 or 9 channels of audio for truly immersive surround sound.

And when you have a 5.1 or 7.1, the soundbar has 5 or 7 speakers and one subwoofer.

When looking for the best soundbars for Roke TV, you’ll also come across sound bars with special features like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and other surround sound formats. These technologies ensure that you get to enjoy the best quality surround sound. So when soundbars mention something like 5.1.2 or 7.1.2, the soundbar has 5 or 7 speakers, one subwoofer, and two upward-firing speakers.

The first number indicates the number of speakers, the second number represents the number of subwoofers, and the third number represents the number of Dolby Atmos speakers.

A higher number of channels means a higher price tag, so you should consider your budget and research within it.

If you are looking for a soundbar for clearer dialogue and a better overall sound experience, then a 2.1 or 3.1 soundbar will be sufficient. But if you want a truly immersive sound experience, consider a 5.1 or 7.1-channel soundbar.

In short, it all comes down to personal preference and budget.


That is another important question before purchasing a subwoofer for Roku TV. Here you have to ensure convenience as well.

There are several ways to control the soundbar, including the On-Board Controls, the remote that comes with the soundbar, your TV remote, or a smartphone app. Make sure the control method is convenient for you.

In addition, smart soundbars are compatible with a virtual assistant device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This can make making adjustments much easier as you can control the soundbar with voice commands.

So make sure you consider the control method of the soundbar, depending on your convenience.

Additional Features

You can consider a few more things when looking for the best soundbar for Roku TV.


In the soundbar channel section, we mentioned some soundbars come with a separate dedicated subwoofer and some built-in features. A built-in woofer might do a decent job in producing bass. However, having a dedicated sub with the sound will increase the bass response and make your audio experience more enjoyable. Even if the soundbar does not come with a subwoofer, they allow you to purchase and connect an external subwoofer.

Sound Modes

Many soundbars come with different sound modes to choose from. This includes Music, Movie, and dialogue mode designed to suit the type of content you are watching. Even some come with EQ adjustment options that allow to adjustment of the EQ settings to fit specific audio scenarios. Having sound modes could be handy.

Dolby Atmos

We already mentioned earlier that if you are looking for a truly immersive sound experience, investing in a soundbar with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support is a good idea.

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that can create a 3D audio experience by bouncing sound off the ceiling and walls. Some high-end soundbars come with Dolby Atmos capabilities, which can significantly enhance your audio experience, especially for movies and games.

So check if the soundbar supports DTS:X or Dolby Atmos before purchasing it.

How to Set Up Your Soundbar with Roku TV

Setting up your new soundbar with your Roku TV can be quite simple if you follow the correct steps. Here’s a quick and straightforward guide.

Wired Connection

If your soundbar and Roku TV both have an HDMI ARC port, you can use this for a simple, one-cable setup.

  1. Find the HDMI ARC port on your Roku TV. It’s usually labeled as ‘HDMI ARC.’
  2. Plug one end of an HDMI cable into this port.
  3. Find the HDMI ARC port on your soundbar and plug the other end of the cable into it.
  4. Turn on both devices and ensure the TV’s sound output is set to HDMI ARC.

If your Roku TV doesn’t have an HDMI ARC port, but your soundbar does, you can use an Optical Audio cable instead.

  1. Plug one end of the Optical Audio cable into the Optical Audio Output port on your TV.
  2. Plug the other end into the Optical Audio Input port on your soundbar.
  3. Turn on both devices and set the TV’s sound output to Optical Audio.

Wireless Connection

If your soundbar supports wireless connections like Bluetooth, you can also connect it to your Roku TV this way.

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your soundbar. This process may vary depending on the model.
  2. On your Roku TV, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Remotes & Devices.’
  3. Choose ‘Pair New Device’ and follow the prompts on your screen. Your TV should detect the soundbar.
  4. Choose your soundbar from the list to pair it.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you’re facing issues connecting your soundbar to your Roku TV, here are some things you could try:

  • Double-check all connections and make sure the cables are securely plugged in.
  • Ensure the TV’s sound output is set to match the type of connection you’re using.
  • If you’re trying to connect wirelessly, make sure both devices are within range and that there aren’t too many other Bluetooth devices nearby.

Remember, it’s always important to read the user manuals for your specific devices, as steps can vary between different models.


Choosing the right soundbar for your Roku TV and setting it up might seem like a daunting task at first. But trust me, once you know what to look for and how to do it, it’s a breeze. Having spent considerable time tinkering with my own home entertainment setup, I can tell you, the reward of excellent sound quality is worth the effort.

Remember, sound quality, compatibility, ease of use, additional features, and value for money are your key guides when choosing a soundbar. Each person’s perfect choice will vary depending on individual needs and preferences. It’s just like my own experience—I love action movies, so I went for a soundbar with a powerful, wireless subwoofer for that immersive, rumbling bass.

Setting up your soundbar with your Roku TV is the final step to elevate your audio experience. Whether you’re going for a wired or wireless connection, the process is relatively straightforward.

In the end, the perfect soundbar for your Roku TV is the one that fits your budget, suits your needs, and makes you happy every time you turn on your TV. As for me, I couldn’t imagine my Roku TV without a soundbar now. It has truly transformed my viewing—and listening—experience.

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