Can Subwoofers Face Each Other – Explained!

One of the most common questions about speaker placement for car and home audio setups is whether subwoofers face each other. After all, if two subwoofers are placed next to each other, won’t they cancel each other out and create an unpleasant listening experience? 

Yes, the subwoofer can face others. It can be an effective way to enhance audio quality and increase bass response in your listening space. However, experimentation is vital, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for speaker placement. The reason is simple: not all setups, room/car acoustics, and subwoofers are the same. Move your subwoofer around until you find the ideal placement. 

In this article, we will explore the subwoofer placement importance, benefits, drawbacks, and consideration when placing subwoofers facing each other.

Benefits Of Subwoofers Facing Each Other

Placing subwoofers facing each other may be a good idea to improve your home theater and audio system. This positioning has several benefits, providing a highly immersive and realistic sound. 

Here, we will discuss all these benefits in detail to show you how placing your subs side by side can improve the quality of your listening experience.

Improved bass response and reduction of standing waves

With two subwoofers facing each other, the bass will have a bigger and fuller impact, as the two subwoofers will reinforce each other’s bass output. The bass frequencies become more transparent and precise in the movies or music due to the improved bass response and reduced standing waves. As a result, a tight, punchy, and more powerful bass will replace the muddy and boomy bass.

This setup is most commonly used in a home theater system or for music production. However, keep in mind that if the subwoofers are facing a wall or other large object, you may experience some bass cancellation due to acoustic interference. Make sure to test the setup with different placements until you find the optimal sound quality for your needs.

It is one of the main benefits of the subwoofers facing each other. So whether you are watching a movie or listening to your favorite music, the subs placed side by side will provide an unbeatable bass response.

Increased sound pressure level and reduced distortion

Do you want to take your sub-listening experience to another level?

If so, you might benefit from pointing the subwoofers in that direction. You can feel the music in your bones if you position the subwoofers to face each other. Additionally, never place two subwoofers too close to each other, as this can lead to excessive rattling and vibration. Keep the two subs at least a few feet apart for best results.

Ultimately, you can listen to music or movies at a higher volume with increased sound pressure and reduced distortion without worrying about distortion or muddiness.

Improved soundstage and stereo imaging

When you lace the subwoofers facing each other, they will provide a broader and more immersive soundstage. This sound is so genuine that you feel like you’re in the middle of an action.

Therefore you can hear every sound detail with precision and clarity, whether it’s the sound of a car chase in a movie or instruments in a musical performance.

However, the improved stereo imaging helps you locate the location of every sound. It gives you a captivating and more natural sound experience.

Better integration with main speakers

The subwoofers are seamlessly integrated with the central seeker when facing one another. In this way, the subwoofer produces a highly organic and coherent sound.

It is because the subwoofer’s bass frequencies are effectively combined with the speaker’s midrange and high-level frequencies. Therefore placing your subs side by side can give you another benefit of smooth integration with the speaker.

More placement options

Besides many other advantages, this position of the subwoofers provides you with a wide variety of placement options. Therefore you can broaden your audio horizon with it.

You can try various placement choices to achieve the best sound quality in your room until you find the perfect spot. Eliminating the standing waves and creating a more even bass response can help you achieve optimal sound.

Considerations For Placing Subwoofers Facing Each Other

Consider certain things when placing the subwoofers facing each other. These things, such as the room size and layout, the type of subwoofer and its specifications, and additional acoustic treatment, can undoubtedly impact the overall sound quality. 

But don’t worry; you can create an optimal audio setup by carefully considering each factor. 

Room size and layout

The most crucial factor in determining the superb placement for your subwoofer is the room size and layout. You need to consider the dimensions of your room, the position of the furniture, and other things.

Depending on these things, you will decide the position for the subwoofer in a better way. However, generally, large rooms require large subwoofers to get the sound of the desired pressure level. At the same time, small spaces can go well with the small subs.

Whatever your room size, it is crucial to check different placement options to pick the best place to enjoy highly accurate and even bass returns.

Type of subwoofer and its specifications

The type of subwoofer and its specifications can also impact the performance of your subwoofer. You must examine the driver’s size, power output, and frequency response. 

Choosing a subwoofer whose frequency response matches your listening taste and is compatible with your other speakers is essential.

Besides, it would help if you used a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier or an equalizer to adjust the sound level.

Additional acoustic treatment and soundproofing

You should spend more on soundproofing and acoustic treatment to make the most of having your subwoofers face one another.

It helps eliminate unwanted echoes or reflections that may negatively impact the sound quality. You can use bass raps, acoustic panels, and diffusers for a more even and balanced sound.

Moreover, the soundproofing avoids any sound leakage into the other rooms. This way, you can enjoy your music.


Facing subwoofers towards each other can help to create a more balanced and immersive sound experience. However, it is important to keep the volume levels in check when doing so to avoid damaging the speakers and the audio equipment.

Additionally, it is essential to be aware of any potential cancellation effects that could occur when two subwoofers are placed in close proximity to each other. If the cancellation effect is too strong, simply moving one of the subwoofers a few inches away can help to reduce it.

Following these tips can help create an amazing sound system and ensure that everyone enjoys the best sound possible.

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