Can You Connect a Soundbar to PS4?

Do you want to connect a soundbar to PS4 for a great gaming experience? This article has all you need to know about, so read the article and explore the possible ways.

The importance of connecting a PS4 to the soundbar is undeniable. We can get the best sound quality and gaming experience without the need for multiple speakers. But the question is can you connect a soundbar to PS4?

Yes, you can connect a soundbar to PS4. There are different ways to connect a soundbar to a PS4. All these ways depend on the inputs and outputs of the soundbar and PS4. Here are some of the most common methods:

  • HDMI connection
  • Optical cable
  • Bluetooth

Once you connect the soundbar and PS4, you must adjust your soundbar’s audio setting to ensure the sound comes from the soundbars. Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings on your PS4, and then select the audio output option corresponding to your soundbar.

This article will discuss a detailed step-by-step guide to connecting a soundbar to a PS4, its benefits, and some best soundbars for your PS4 to increase the fun of gaming in a realistic manner. So without a little ado, let’s discuss:

Connecting a Soundbar to a PS4

Here are the possible ways of connecting a Soundbar to a PS4 in detail:

Direct method (Using Optical cable)

A soundbar can connect to PS4 via an optical cable or AUX connection. Here is the step-by-step guide to directly connecting a Soundbar to PS4.

  • Turn off both the soundbar and PS4.
  • To establish a direct connection, use an optical or AUX cable.
  • If you use an optical cable, join one end of the optical cable to the soundbar and the other to PS4.
  • Follow the same step with the AUX cable.
  • Turn on the PS4 and soundbar; you can now listen to high-quality sound via a soundbar.

HDMI ARC or TV method

HDMI ARC is a feature that enables an HDMI cable to carry video and audio signals. Connecting a Soundbar to PS4 using an HDMI output or via TV is the most convenient and suitable method.

Follow the below-given steps to connect a PS4 securely to your soundbar:

  • First, unplug your PS4, soundbar, and TV from the power source.
  • You need to have two types of HDMI cables; plug one cable from PS4 to the TV and the other from the TV to the soundbar.
  • Plug the soundbar cable into the HDMI ARC output port so you can hear the sound from the soundbar more conveniently.
  • At last, select the output source from the PS4, and you are done with it.


Some companies, like Sony, do not allow a direct connection between Bluetooth soundbars and PS4. To connect a soundbar to PS4, you need to use an audio cable or auxiliary cable and follow the step-by-step guide:

  • First, turn off the Bluetooth speaker and your PS4.
  •  Now plug one end of the audio cable into the headphone jack on your PS4 and the other end into the Bluetooth speaker.
  • Turn on the PS4 and open the settings.
  • Select an audio device from the list of devices and set the output to headphones.
  • After properly selecting all the audio options, turn on the speaker, and you can now listen to sound through the Bluetooth speaker.

Benefits of connecting a Soundbar to a PS4

Well, connecting the Soundbar to PS4 is great having many benefits, some of the main are discussed below:

Improved sound quality 

Connecting a power station 4 to the soundbar increases the sound quality. As the soundbars come with advanced tech features such as Atmos and 2.1 channels, they can deliver true audio sound outputs so that you enjoy the magnificent wins fully. 


Convenience is often the key factor when deciding on an audio setup, and soundbars have it! Soundbar systems provide a much easier installation and usage process than your traditional surround sound systems.

Gone are the days of spending countless hours running wiring through walls or clambering behind your TV stand to connect components together.

Soundbars are simple – just plug it into power, turn it on, and start enjoying the crystal-clear high-quality sound with deep bass tones. As an added bonus, most come with wireless remote control capabilities so you can adjust the audio levels without ever having to get off the couch – perfect for those who want the best audio with minimal effort.

Enchanting gaming experience 

Many soundbars come with mode options specific to PS4 gaming sound intensity. You can have an enchanting gaming experience by adjusting the sound frequencies and audio settings of the sound bars as you are playing the game and enjoy that at the level you want.

Enhanced Movie and TV show viewing experience 

With room-filling, rich sound, and high bass-producing capabilities, sound bars let you realistically experience the movies and TV shows. Whether you want to watch a Netflix series or your favorite entertainment show, the soundbar boosts the audio quality and takes it to the next level.

What is the Best Soundbar for PS4?

To have premium and impressive sound effects, it is important to invest in a good-quality soundbar. There is a number of soundbars available with different features, price ranges, and connectivity options.

However, there are three that I would recommend checking if you’re looking for a good-quality soundbar for your PS4.

Soundcore Infini Pro Integrated 2.1 Channel Soundbar

Soundcore Infini Pro produces amazing sound quality when you connect it to your PS4. With 2.1 channels, this sound bar has a built-in subwoofer, ensuring great acoustic and virtual surround output. The Soundcore Infini is mainly based on Atmos technology; it is easily operated by remote or has Bluetooth connectivity and HDMI input options.  

Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 Soundbar

Yamaha musicCast YSP-2700 is the best soundbar for PS4 with a sleek design and offers distinct audio modes along with DTS and Dolby audio that enhances the sound intensity and quality. When the Yamaha musicCast soundbar accompanies your PS4, it will surely increase the video gaming experience because of its pro logic and true HD formats.

This soundbar offers connectivity via wifi and Bluetooth, and you can easily set it up using an HDMI cable. Enjoy the best stereo and surround sound by connecting your PS4 with Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 soundbar.

Samsung HWN950 Soundbar

Samsung HWN950 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and enhanced audio quality is a great addition to your PS4 if you want better quality sound. This sound bar creates an advanced sound stage according to your room design. This soundbar has a pair of rear speakers and a separate wireless subwoofer offering 7.1.4 channels to give your video gaming session real sound effects. This soundbar creates incredible bass and is easily set up with your PS4 via optical and HDMI ports. 


Connecting a soundbar to a PS4 console should not be complicated but it requires some technical knowledge and the right tools/cables.

There is a number of ways you can connect both PS4 and soundbar including HDMI and Optical cables as well as Bluetooth. To ensure that a proper connection is made between these two items we shared a detailed guide. So pick which method will gonna work for you and follow the step-by-step guide and we are pretty sure everything will be good.

In addition to that we shared three best soundbars that will work and deliver the best possible sound quality for the PS4. So if you’re thinking about getting a new one I would recommend considering them as well.

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