Can You Connect A Soundbar To Google Home?

The Google Home is a handier device, more than just playing your favorite music. This advanced device lets you manage tasks, plan your day, control your home, and more. In short, it is one of those devices that will make your life easier.

Besides controlling the compatible lights and cameras, most users use Google Home to stream music to get the best out of it. Scrolling through manual setting options every time to find out if you can connect a soundbar to Google Home can be tiring.

Connecting Google Home to a soundbar via wireless Bluetooth is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is access the settings through the mobile app and make changes.

Before you ask how to connect a soundbar to Google Home, we have covered things you should remember while establishing the connection.

How To Connect A Google Home To A Soundbar?

Before making the connection, you should be sure about one thing: both devices are compatible with each. As handier as the Google Home is, it only connects with compatible devices. If Google Home registers the device, you can mark it as the Default playing device.

Among the best soundbar providers, Samsung ranks at the top position. This device is simple; way beyond a speaker, whether Samsung or any other brand, connecting a soundbar is straightforward.

Here is how you can connect a soundbar to Google Home in a 3 step process;

Step 1: Enable Pairing Mode

As aforementioned, wireless Bluetooth connectivity mode is the only and best way to connect a soundbar to Google Home. For this;

  • Enable Bluetooth pairing mode on the soundbar.
  • Almost every soundbar has a remote controller with a Bluetooth pairing button.
  • Hold on to the button till the connectivity mode is enabled.
  • If you don’t have a remote controller, press and hold the button on the device itself.

Step 2: Connect The Devices

After enabling the pairing mode, make the following changes;

  • Now take out your phone and open the Google Home app.
  • From the dashboard, tap the Devices option in the right-top corner. It looks like a monitor; if you are unable to locate it.
  • Here you will find a list of available connecting devices in the surroundings. Now find the device you wish to pair.
  • Scroll till the end to find the desired option.
  • Tap on it to connect.

Step 3: Mark as Default Music Speaker

Here is the last step of connecting a soundbar to Google Home. After joining the device, mark it as Default, so you don’t have to pair and connect it again. For this;

  • Once you have the desired device from the menu, tap on the three vertical dots next to the option.
  • The drop-down menu will display different choices to make changes.
  • From the drop-down menu, tap on Settings.
  • Finally, select the Default Music Speaker option, and you are done.

Connecting A Soundbar To Google Home – Things To Remember

Connecting a soundbar to Google Home is a piece of cake. Still, many users need help connecting. Why? Because they don’t take care of the small details. 

Here are the things you should remember when connecting Google Home to a soundbar;

  • Ensure there is only one soundbar connected at one time.
  • Keep both devices within the connectivity range; the farther you go, the poor will be the sound output.
  • If the device doesn’t appear in the local device list, try turning off and on the pairing mode of the soundbar. Double-check the soundbar is in pairing mode.
  • You must break the connection with the previous device if you need to connect a new soundbar to Google Home or add a new default speaker.
  • If your soundbar doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity mode, use another soundbar to make a stable connection.

Advantages of Connecting Soundbar to Google Home

Connecting a soundbar to a Google Home can offer several advantages, including:

  • Better Sound Quality: One of the obvious advantages of connecting a soundbar to google home is enhancing sound quality. And as the soundbar is specifically designed to deliver better sound quality because of the better speakers and sound processing technology. And it will make your music and podcasts sound clearer, more detailed, and more immersive.
  • Voice Control: When you connect both Google home and your soundbar not only it will enhance the sound quality it allows you to control everything from adjusting the sound to skipping the tracks as well as can switch between different inputs. This will be very handy, especially when you are busing with your daily work.
  • Smart Home Integration: When you have other smart devices such as smart lights or a smart thermostat you can also get most of them. This can create a seamless, integrated smart home experience.
  • Streaming Services: There are smart soundbars that include the capabilities of streaming services such as Roku Streambar. Once you connect your soundbar to your TV not only it will play music, but with google home, you can control everything with voice control as mentioned above. This makes everything easier to access.
  • Multi-Room Audio: One of the benefits of having google home is you can connect with multiple Google Home devices. This means from a single room you can handle everything even if you’re not setting in a room where a soundbar is placed but you need to control it you can do it.


Connecting Google home and a soundbar is a pretty simple and straightforward method as long as both are compatible. Generally, you can connect a soundbar to Google Home using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

To connect via Bluetooth all you need to do is pair your soundbar with Google Home. I provide step by step guide above you can follow and make things easier for you.

To connect via Wi-Fi, you can check if your soundbar has built-in Google Assistant or Chromecast functionality. If it does, you can connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and control it with Google Home voice commands or through the Google Home app.


Can I connect the Bluetooth soundbar to google home?

Yes, you can connect, but it will depend on the soundbar. It should have Bluetooth connectivity options. In order to connect follow the instructions:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth and put it into pairing mode on your soundbar. Next, open the Google Home app from your installed device and tap on the device you want to connect to the soundbar.
  • Tap on the settings icon (gear icon) in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the “Device settings” section and tap on “Default music speaker”.
  • Select “Pair Bluetooth speaker” and follow the prompts to pair your soundbar with Google Home.

As you connect both devices you’re ready to play music and handle everything.

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